Tuesday, June 01, 2010

tooling down the road

I write for me.

I have said that several times in my blog.  Even though it is not true.

If I wrote only for myself, there would be no Same Life -- New Location. 

I obviously write because I enjoy communicating with people.  Even when I do not know who they are.

Now and then, the veil of internet anonymity drops.  Writer and reader get to know one another better.

A reader sent along this photograph as a witty nudge on motorcycles.  With the suggestion that she thought I was already part of Malcolm Forbes's motorcycle gang: Capitalist Tools.

Clever.  It was certainly better than a photograph of what another reader's nickname for motorcycles: organ donor machines.

I have started walking on my injured ankle.  For this first time since March, I have a shoe on my right foot.

That can mean only one thing.

It is time to start shopping for that shiny new motorcycle.  Maybe not a Norton 961
café racer.  But something similar.

A bit less expensive.  But just as shiny.  Fast. 

And every bit age-inappropriate.


Chrissy y Keith said...

woohoo! do it! I love my bike an cannot imagine not being able to ride. I dont think I would like to ride around most populated towns in Mexico, but the back roads would be nice. Have you considered a BMW product They make some great on/off road touring bikes. They do have a high seat, 31 inches, so as long as you are over 5"11 you should be flat footed in a stand.

Anonymous said...

"Now and then, the veil of internet anonymity drops" :)
I have been reading your "stuff" for quite some time and recently (last week) found out you know my wife.. Small world for a Mexican Wannabe..

Laurie said...

Please do not buy an organ donor machine. If I had a choice between a horse and a motorcycle,I'd buy a horse. Dangerous but a real friend. Motorcycles are machines.

Steve Cotton said...

Chrissy -- Before I buy, I will need to be steady on both feet. But a BMW is a good option.

Anonymous -- Interesting. Who is your wife? Any clues?

Laurie -- Sometimes we must do what we must. Seeing His creation from behind handle bars is an amazing experience.

Felipe said...

Why did you cite a Norton? Not the best-known of brands, especially these days. I had one, a 750-cc Interstate, big ole baby, one of my favorites, and I´ve had a few. I forget the exact year now, but it was mid-70s that it was made. Lovely thing. Left it in San Antonio in 1984, and I hope it´s still alive and well. It would blow the rubber off the 900-cc Harley I had simultaneously. Sometimes size doesn´t count. Dang, it was beautiful.

And congrats on walking like a man.

Anonymous said...


If you buy yourself a Norton, you will simply die from the shakes long before you are killed by an accident.

If I recall correctly my late 60s experience with the Norton, it is one of the more obnoxious machines for engine vibration. Fifteen minutes on the road and arms are going numb.

My friend who owned the lumbering beast had to tighten bolts and screws on a daily basis to keep it from flying apart.

No, I see you with a nice compact brown BMW with matching leathers, something very classy and insidious at the same time.


Tancho said...

Aaah, a man who can appreciate speed along with some bugs in his teeth!
Motorcycle in the US is fine, because the 911 system is fairly reliable.
On the other hand consider how long it would take to pick you up about 10 miles outside of Melaque?
Mine was a Bonneville 650....
Now they have been resurrected, and I am almost thinking of getting one except for the fact that I am not ready to become a vegetable yet.
I could not operate that machine with anything less than a 2/3 throttle.......
Glad to hear your are hopping around!

Anonymous said...

I have a 2004 BMW Boxercup Replika (R1100S), and it rocks. I'd highly recommend it.

Fast as the wind, with a reasonably upright riding position, but not uncomfortable to lie on the gas tank if you are so inclined. Handles spectacularly, and is quite the looker too.

Glad you are recuperating and considering even wilder adventures.


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where we ride the bike as often as possible, but alas, weather sometimes interferes.

Darrel said...

I have to agree. Motorcycles are dangerous. But not as dangerous as the statement, “.. recently (last week) found out you know my wife.”
Motorcycles are right up there with skydiving, being a comp attorney, breathing the air in L.A. and zip lining (we know how that turned out). You “were” only young once and have plenty more bones to break to catch up with me. LET’S RIDE

Adrienne on E Street said...

Vroom, vrooom. I'm reminded of some really old TV over-the-counter medicine ads that said "Follow directions. Avoid excessive use." Given your penchant (I can't do the diacritical marks in this) for not following directions, at least wear a helmet. Am I channeling your mother, or would she say "do whatever you like, dear"?

Steve Cotton said...

Felipe -- The Norton brand is once again alive in England -- after residing in Oregon for several years. The new model is a true work of art. At $20K it should be. And all the current models are oversold. But one day. For now, I will look at more mundane models.

ANM -- A BMW may be the option.

Tancho -- There is always room for adventure. I just need to find he correct mix.

Kim -- Another BMW vote. I doubt I can find a Norton. A BMW I can.

Darrel -- We really should take a bike trip south when I return to Mexico.

Adrienne -- If Ron can do it, so can I. As for what my mother would say: we shall see. I suspect we shall soon discover.

Mic said...

.. and recently (last week) found out you know my wife.. LOL

My husband denied being Small World Anonymous :-)

Good News that you are walking on two feet again :-)

Felipe said...

Aside to Kim: Fast as the wind, with a reasonably upright riding position, but not uncomfortable to lie on the gas tank if you are so inclined. Handles spectacularly, and is quite the looker too.

You talking about the bike or yourself?

Irene said...

Until you are ready to ride you can read about a couple of motorcycle adventures. Both by Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman.

Long way down : an epic journey by motorcycle from Scotland to South Africa.

Long way round : chasing shadows across the world.

Anonymous said...


LOL.... I'm not sure whether to take that as a compliment, but I shall anyway. Thanks. (And I was indeed talking about the bike.)

And for those who are interested in vicariously motorcycling around Mexico (or anywhere else for that matter) I'd recommend this site:


It's about adventure riding around the world, and an amazingly good way to have a vicarious adventure.


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where it's the people driving cars, not motorcycles, that are the big danger.

Steve Cotton said...

Mic -- I have been a trial lawyer long enough to know that paragraphs that start with sentences like that do not end up well. I am interested in finding out more.

Felipe -- I was wondering something similar. Glad you asked.

Irene -- Good suggestions.

Kim -- A vicarious adventure is kissing one's sister. Put me down for the real thing.