Friday, July 30, 2010

offline for a few days

Computer problems.


My network connections have collapsed.  Literally.  All of my network drivers decided to go on strike at the same time.

But my sainted brother is doing what he can to get me back on line.

This weekend I am heading to southern Oregon -- to the fabled Powers.  They have an annual town reunion that I have never attended.  My mother has.  And she has talked me into making the trip south with her.

I had intended to take my lap top and report from the festivities.  But that is not to be.

I will be back on Monday.  With photographs.  I hope.


Anonymous said...

Dunno about Mormons, but to some, it sounds like your brother is deceased
Judging from what you've written of late, a time off-line will be good for you

Calypso said...

What computer are you using now? I guess I haven't kept up from the several failures.

Losing all your network drivers - sound ominous.

Steve Cotton said...

Anonymous -- Mormons? Don't know about that. But, I am with you. I long for more Mexico material.

Calypso -- I posted with a friend's computer. But, thanks to my brother, all appears to be well -- for now.

NWexican said...

Tap tap tap, this thing on, tap tap tap, Hello??
Did I missed something?

Steve Cotton said...

NWexican -- I didn't get it either.