Tuesday, August 03, 2010

in my shoes

I am walking.

That is not really news.  I have already told you about my forays to the Portland Zoo and the Coos County Fair.

But it is time for me to get some recurring exercise -- before I start doing my Shamu impersonation.

When I bought my house in Salem, I wanted to be close enough to walk to work.  On a good morning, it is a brisk 20-minute walk.  Just about right.

Unfortunately, like most plans, this one did not work out quite as anticipated.  I walked to and from work for about three years.  Then, the blog-famous Professor Jiggs entered my life.

Because he had the bladder control of any puppy, I had to go home each day to let him out.  Obviously, making the walk during my lunch hour would press me for time.  So, I started driving.

That was 1996.  Even after he developed adult toilet habits, and I did not return home for lunch each day, I continued to drive.  Ease trumped health.

Fast forward to 2009.  One of the health benefits of living in Mexico is walking.  In my village, I walk everywhere.  Shopping. Visiting.  Cruising the beach.

Within a couple months, I had dropped 30 pounds.  My blood pressure was normal.  My blood sugar was normal.  My triglycerides were reduced by over 50%.

I felt good.

My brief return to work on crutches in May quickly reversed that process.  With the help of the odd Coney dog and packet of crisps, I started to blossom into the jumbo-sized Steve.

There was an odd shift of weight.  My right thigh and calf starting looking as if they belonged to Twiggy while my waist looked as if Charles Laughton had taking up housekeeping in my mid-section.

The friend who has driven me to work each morning for the past three months is on vacation this week.  I decided it was time to get back to my pre-1996 days.  Or, at least, to enjoy one of the perks of Mexico by walking to work.

It took me 30 minutes.  About half again as long as it would normally take me.  When I had a normal right ankle.  But it felt good.  Not only to get the exercise, but to enjoy the scenery along the way.

The photograph at the top of the blog is the Oregon State Capitol, a place where I once wanted to work.  I am now content that it is simply about the half-way point between my house and my job.


Anonymous said...

that is a beautiful picture steve. i love the reflection. glad to hear you are walking to work. we all need to exercise although i know it was difficult in your condition. i am still battling the battle of the bulge. my goal is to lose 20-25 by the holidays. that will give me a litle leeway and i can eat whatever i want on the cruise without worrying about my clothes not fitting by its end. that happened on my 2nd cruise. i couldn't believe i gained 7 lbs. in one week.

take care and have a great week!


Gloria said...

Hi Steve. Your post makes me want to start walking again. You do lose weight when you walk. I'm using my treadmill and exercise 1/2 hour at Curves but I'm not really losing and a half hours walk would be not only good but fun. I'm glad you are going to start this type of exercise. Good luck, have fun and be happy. Take care.

Laurie said...

I need to walk too. When I lived in a smaller town in Honduras, I walked alot. Of course I had no vehicle. My weight was down. Now...well, let's just say I need to walk. And a great pic!

NWexican said...

I worked in the Capitol BLDG at one time, not-so-wunderbar... That pond used to be a real fun place to watch kids splash in the summer.. Then they put that beautiful railing around and had guards there to keep kids from climbing over it,,, Salem!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice picture of the capitol and the reflective pool. That pool is about the only reflective thing over there.

Woops! I'm being negative.

There are oodles of pleasant state legislators, the majority of them retired.

My belief about the closing of the pool to children is that this was merely a cover to a greater fear folks in power had. They did not want one of their own one morning to be found frolicking nude in the pool with a Salem version of Fanny Fox.

And the ruse worked. It prevented the nude frolicking in the pool, but proved helpless against a romp with the janitor in a broom closet.

Love finds a way.


Howard said...

I calculate that walking to work the last five years of my working life I lost half an ounce a day. Over time, 60 pounds. Felt much better for it.

Steve Cotton said...

Teresa -- Cruises are always my undoing.

Gloria -- I suspect the apple pie I had for lunch may have undone my walk-to-work exercise. But I will hike on.

Laurie -- Cars are the bane of any exercise program. Of course, they are also handy.

NWexican. And worse. I wanted to be one of the legislators.

ANM -- How could I add to that?

Howard -- Now I have a real goal.

NWexican said...

uh oh !!!
I think my opinion just lowered and expectations rose...

Steve Cotton said...

NWexican -- I love lowering opinions. I ran for the legislature in 1988. But my sanity came back to me.

Islagringo said...

Glad to hear that you are up and about.