Tuesday, August 17, 2010

my left foot

Have you ever been in the middle of telling a story and realized you forgot to tell an important fact at the start?

With jokes, it is death.  With essays, not so much.

But several of you caught me in a bit of missing narrative when I mentioned "Now, my recent injury to my left foot is restricting me" in
colossus bestriding two worlds.  The email began almost immediately.  What injury?

I thought I had told you, but I guess not.

The tale is nowhere near as exotic as breaking my right ankle while indulging my more adventurous side.  Not to ruin the tale, but I really do not know what happened.

Two weeks ago, I decided it was time for me to get a little exercise.  I had essentially been sedentary for five months.  My physical therapy was going well enough that I could put almost all of my increasing weight on my right foot.  I had very little dorsiflexion -- bending my foot back toward the shin.  But I could easily walk places as long as I did not encounter irregular terrain.

So, I decided it was time to walk to work.  The weather was perfect.  And the two-mile walk would help me to start shedding some of my extra pounds.

And it was a good idea.  On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, I slowed down my pace enough to make my right foot feel comfortable.  It was working out well.  I was getting exercise.  Fresh air.  And camaraderie with my fellow morning walkers.  It felt great.

Then came Thursday morning.  I was about one-third of the way to work when my left foot began to hurt.  Just a little.  Out of the blue.  But with each step, it hurt more.  By the time I arrived at the office, it hurt enough I could barely put any weight on it.

The morning walks stopped.  Since then, I have minimized putting any weight on it.  When I descend stairs, I look as if I am auditioning for a role as Quasimodo.  No radiculopathy.  Just pain in the foot.

For two weeks I have let it rest.  Yesterday I decided enough was enough, and walked to work.  And made it with a minimum of pain.

I also saw my doctor that morning.  She had no diagnosis.  But she agreed with me it could be a stress fracture.  If it does not get better, I will see her before I leave for Mexico.

But she had a very good piece of news for me -- that I will tell you on Friday when it becomes official.  At least, I hope it becomes official.

For now, I will nurse both feet back to health.  After all, my small fishing village by the sea is a walking place.  And I will need two good feet.


Irene said...

Thanks for the update. Is the picture the four toed statue from Lost?

Gloria said...

I know the feeling of pain in the ankles and feet. Arthritis will do that to you and it sure does do it to me. I want to start walking too Steve, but I fear the pain. It hurts!! I hope you are feeling better soon and I applaud you for your bravery in walking to work despite the pain. Take care.

Anonymous said...

stress fractures could take a while to heal so instead of pushing it, you might consider holding off on walking for a while. you'll have plenty of time to walk when you get back to melaque. better to let it heal completely.

teresa in l.s.

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

OOooooh, sorry about your foot. Rest up and save yourself for your return to melaque is good advise. LL

Steve Cotton said...

Irene -- It may be. I simply lifted from a pile of photographs. But I do not know what "Lost" is. I guess I could look it up. But it is a lazy morning.

Gloria -- I am going to take it as slow as possible. My new motto.

Teresa -- For the remainder of the week, I will rely on friends for transportation.

Linda Lou -- Rest I shall.

Felipe said...

Alas, this is called aging. I´m not in favor of it.

Steve Cotton said...

Felipe -- Another aspect of life we can know is coming, but will never appreciate it until it happens. And when it does, we don't like it at all.

Anonymous said...

I think I already guessed the good news. You're pregnant.


Steve Cotton said...

ANM -- No. I just look that way.