Sunday, October 17, 2010

beach daze

I should have let you know in advance, but I wandered off to the Oregon beach for the weekend -- and left comments piling up in my in box.  As soon as I get organized, I will fill you in on my fun weekend, how I am starting to feel REAL old, and my dinner with André (kind of).

But, right now, I am heading to bed.  And sleeping is something I do well no matter where I am.


Leslie Limon said...

So glad to read that you were out having a good time! Can't wait to read all about it! :)

NWexican said...

Which beach, lemme guess, ummmm Pacific City? Andre', did I miss a post?
Heard (from a lil' birdie) that there is a video of a skit and you MCing in a top hat?

Steve Cotton said...

Leslie -- And I am going to try to get back in the writing saddle again. Even though I suspect the next few days are going to be rather hectic.

NWexican -- Indeed, there is a skit. I even have a copy. I thought of posting it, but there are limits to my self-indulgence.

Pacific City? Yes. And more. Much more.

Krystal said...

Hi, I've been following your blog for a few weeks now and I thought it was high time to introduce myself. I am currently living in Bend, OR and will be moving to Tlaxcala in the very near future. I'm heading down there next week hauling the first load of our belongings. Nice to meet a fellow Oregonian, it's hard to leave this beautiful state for anywhere else :)


Gloria said...

That's nice that you got away for a little while Steve. You are not getting old. Age is but a number. Keep yourself busy and you won't even remember what your age is. I forgot how old I am. tee hee. :)) Don't ask please. Just have fun.

Steve Cotton said...

Krystal -- Glad to see a new commenter. My brother and mother live in Bend. As this trip proved, leaving Oregon will be difficult. But I love living in Mexico, as well. Good luck on the move down.

Gloria -- It was a marvelous get-away. I should have done more while I was up here.