Sunday, October 10, 2010

time out for wisdom

I just realized the tone of yesterday's post was a bit more pessimistic than I intended.  When I started the essay, I wanted to conclude with one of my favorite Sophocles quotations. 

But I forgot.

So here it is.

Sometimes one has to wait until the evening to see how glorious the day has been.
The author of Electra knew of what he wrote.

Or, better yet, the patron saint of expatriates -- T.S. Elliott:

Time you enjoyed wasting is not wasted time.


Tancho said...

So what date does the barrister leave for hammock land?
We want to hold you to it....

Steve Cotton said...

10 November is etched in stone. I head to Merida for the bloggers' conference and a bit of Yucatan touring. Then to Melaque on 20 November.

Anonymous said...

TIME ENJOYED WASTING IS SIMPLY TIME WASTED!!!! Regardless of what some recondite Anglophilic poet has to say about it.

It is bad enough to waste time, but then to take time to find literary rationalizations for this waste is a corruption of character. It is a form of self-deceit.

A record is kept of our each day's efforts to improve. Make no mistake about it. To ignore this fundamental metaphysical fact of life is to simply court disaster.