Saturday, November 20, 2010

end of the road

My road trip is done.

But I am still on the road.  At least, until I fly out from LAX later this morning.

Islagringo and I returned to Isla Mujeres on Thursday -- after a full week of doing our Hope and Crosby impressions.  The only thing missing was Dorothy Lamour and her sarong.

The road trip was exactly the type of travel I have dreamt about since I moved to Mexico.  New experiences.  Challenging days.  Adventures around every pothole.

I spent a portion of my travel day yesterday organizing how to present what I experienced.  And this is it.

Rather than trying to stuff everything into an artificial chronological box, I am going to write separate topical essays -- I suppose just another type of artificial box.

Here's the list.  We will see how well I stick to it.
  • Transportation
  • That new GPS
  • City people vs. beach people
  • Touring haciendas
  • Mayan ruins
  • Mummies
  • Driving the Yucatan
  • Eating our way through the peninsula

And who knows what else.

But it will be about Mexico -- the focus of this blog.

It feels good to be back in la silla.


Rick said...

You fly from Cancun to L.A. to to get to Manzanillo?
Seems a bit roundabout.

Anonymous said...

To me, Steve, you are always silla, growing even more silla as time goes on.


Steve Cotton said...

Rick -- In Mexico, the closest route is often the most indirect. I suspect that explains the popularity of the passive voice.

ANM -- Silla is as silla does.

jennifer rose said...

What, nothing about the bookstores and clean streets of Merida, the way Yucatecos speeeeeaaaaaak, cochinita pibil, the crippling heat?

Laurie said...

Mummies? I love mummies. Not the British kind who pad about the kitchen fixing tea. Zombies, mummies, etc. I want to read about them when you are in your silla!

Karen said...

Sounds like an amazing trip. Can not wait to hear all about our part of Mexico!!!

1st Mate said...

Steve - I'm glad to see you finally got a chance to do some adventuring and I'm looking forward to hearing all about it.

Islagringo said...

Can't wait to read your public take on the trip. Especially #3.

Anonymous said...

O, Mummy dearest,
why is it that we thou fearest --
Dried skin and bone in cotton rag,
stitched neatly, tightly, in a bag?
What mischief can you with your agitations?
Only that allowed
by cowed
and fevered


Jackie said...

am looking forward to reading about your travels with IG.

NWexican said...

Is Islagringo as grumpy as he blogs? :)

Anonymous said...

Just your writing alone pours out excitement....Can not wait to check out every topic you listed and more.
The best thing about blogs is that they are so current, by the time you wrote a book about your adventures something would have changed. I love be in the now.
Next time you have to fly into Manzanillo, check out the flights through Portland. LOL! LAX is not fun...
Keep in touch, M

Marc Olson said...

I am looking forward to reading these. Glad you has a good trip.

Anonymous said...

we re eagerly awaiting more....


p.s. you left just at the right time. i'm sure salem is getting their fair share of cold weather. it is 23 in lake stevens and we had our first snow today. only a few inches but things are at a total standstill, lots of wrecks due to icy roads. lots of schools are starting late tomorrow i wouldn't be surprised if some remain closed.