Sunday, January 23, 2011

guest hands on the steering wheel

Today I am turning over the helm to a guest blogger.  A lot of you know her from her comments as "Teresa in Lake Stevens."

I met her through two other bloggers -- Andee of Chacala and 1st Mate.  Teresa donated her time as a volunteer teacher at the school in Chacala.  1st Mate wrote about her in Another Side of Chacala.

When I was getting ready to make the move south, Teresa stopped by my house, along with Cynthia and Mike (who had recently returned from Mexico), to give Jiggs and me a proper send off.  As a lovely parting gift, Theresa gave me a very handy Spanish-English dictionary -- that I have put to good use, and should use more often.

I will let her take it from there.


Hi Folks,

I enjoy reading and commenting on your blogs. However, since I don't have one of my own, I don't have a way of sharing pictures with you.  Due to this, I asked Steve if I could be a guest blogger and being the gentleman that he is, he said yes.

The first two pictures are from hikes I went on last summer.  The rest are from the Southern Caribbean cruise my family and I went on over Christmas.  We had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful scenery on the islands, not to mention the great food and all the activities on the ship.

Thank you, Steve, for the opportunity to share these pictures!

Teresa in Lake Stevens

A short hike in Glacier National Park, Montana.

North Cascades National Park, Washington -- my favorite hiking area

Steve, and Matt at one of our stops during our safari in Samana, Dominican Republic

The Freeburn Family Four by the same waterfall in the picture after this

I felt like going for a swim.  These last two are also from our safari in Samana

Docked in Tortola -- stunning view

Beautiful countryside in Barbados

The biggest tree I've ever seen -- St. Kitts

Steve and Chris -- the highest point in St. Kitts

Christmas Eve.  I gave the guys these Rasta hats as gag gifts.  Love those expressions!

I hope you all enjoyed the pictures.

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