Tuesday, January 25, 2011

leaving on a jet plane

Not really.  But I will be leaving on a bus.  Rather, I have left on a bus.

I am writing this in Melaque.

But, by the time you see it, I will be on my way to Guanajuato.  And San Miguel de Allende.  For about a week.

For two years, I have talked about ascending the mountains to the highlands.  Originally, I was going to scout for my next place to live.  But agendas change.

This trip now has mixed purposes.  I am still looking for a place to escape the heat of summer.  And I will do that. 

But that goal is secondary.  My primary mission is to be a simple tourist.  And the simplest of all tourists.  I am on a guided tour -- on a bus.

I have not joined one of these blue hair lady tours since 1975.  And that was a low-end bus tour in Spain and Morocco.  A tour where I met two of my best British friends.

I do not like touring on someone else's schedule.  But I learned on my trip to Colima that it is impossible to enjoy the scenery while trying to avoid being hit head on by an iron ore truck.

What I enjoy about these bus tours is having the opportunity to meet a new group of people over an extended period of time.  Not unlike the way that friendships are formed in the military.  Or prison.

I have no idea if I will be able to blog on the road.  My experiences of trying to keep up a regular posting schedule while I travel has not been good.  When I travel, I want to enjoy the experience.

But I assure you, I will share whatever I experience.

Museums.  Music.  Mummies.  It will all be there.  And then here.

Who knows?  I may even see one of you along the way.

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