Tuesday, January 18, 2011

re-tired on the beach

The side road to the Melaque view point was worth the trip (forbidden fruit).

But the reason I was in these hills was to drive over to Cuastecometes for the day.

I have mentioned several times that I moved to Mexico to be near the water.  If I had retired in Oregon, I wanted to live on the coast. 

I have an affinity with the water that I cannot quite describe.  But I like it the same way I like tapioca pudding.  If you don't have the same passion, there is no way I can defend it.

The one thing that Melaque lacks is a good swimming-snorkeling beach.  There is Chicken Beach.  But when the beach in Melaque is crowded, Chicken Beach is packed.

But there is a far better choice.  Just over the hills is a lovely little cove.  At the village of Cuastecomates.


Great sand with a gently sloping shoreline.  Perfect for wading.  Easy to keep your footing.  With my ankle, that is starting to be an important criteria.

And the town is a tourist paradise.  With very good palapa restaurants.  The type of place that loses all human context the moment the sun goes down.

But the thing I like best are the rocks at the each end of the beach.  It is a great place to sit in the sun and read.  I did that the other day with my Kindle.

But I forgot one of the drawbacks of tropical beaches,.  Even though the butterflies are beautiful, their cousins, the mosquitoes, are not as welcome.  If I had remembered my DEET, I would have saved myself a few welts.

I keep forgetting to bring my snorkeling equipment with me on these rare visits.  The rocks should offer some interesting marine life.

Perhaps next trip.  And there will be one.

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