Friday, May 20, 2011

hookless in mallorca

“Hottest real estate deals in Spain.  You can’t afford not to buy.”

We were sitting in the cigar lounge of the Queen Mary 2 in 2006.  He had one of those true believer voices – somewhere between Rapture predictor and infomercial barker.  It didn’t take me long to figure out he financed his expatriate stay in Mallorca with real estate commissions.

His fervor was not contagious .  At least, not for me.  Mallorca never made it to my “see this and die” list.

I have been to Spain numerous times.  But never to Mallorca – the largest of Spain’s islands in the Mediterranean.  So, I was pleased to see it was one of the few stops on my transatlantic crossing.

Like most cruise ports, the time on shore was very short.  Instead of trying to take another rushed bus tour, four of us decided to walk through the capital (La Palma) to get a feel for the place.


For the past few days, I have tried to find a hook for this piece.  To no avail.

The town was pleasant enough – a Mediterranean port dripping with Euro-wealth.  After all it is one of the spots where the well-to-do come to let down their overly-coifed hair.  The King of Spain has a palace there.

But, like Oakland, if there was a there, it wasn’t there when we were.

We saw the usual sights.  The cathedral.  The royal palace.  The broad tree-lined pedestrian boulevard where children chased pigeons.  Dogs jealously eyed the children.  And older faces content in their wisdom passed by.  A pleasant day.  But not a highly memorable one.

As I think back on the day, what I will remember most is the four of us sitting down for a snack at a marina-side café.  I know this is starting to sound like an eat-your-way-to-and-through-Europe blog, but I brought home a great suggestion for future meals.

One of my favorite treats was a bit of goat cheese on a small piece of toast topped with an anchovy, a caper, and a bit of olive oil.  A rather traditional dish for Mallorca. 

What I would like to do is experiment by combining the cheese, capers, and olive oil into a pâté to spread on toast.  I might even toss in a
jalapeño to add a Mexican twist.  Or a bit of quince jam.

And maybe that is the hook.  The stop in Mallorca was not about touring the sights.  It was about developing the future.

For a quick cruise, that may be good enough. 


Al said...

We have missed your posts.  Happy that you are enjoying your cruise.
I make a wicked quince paste (membrillo).  Next time you come to Oregon I could be talked into sharing.

Steve Cotton said...

And I have missed posting.  Getting out of my daily writing rouotine has left me a little rusty.  But it was a nice trip.  I am in Lake Tahoe right now.  Returning to Mexico on Wednesday. 

loulou bateau said...

Nice photos Steve - a good combo of overview and detail.

Steve Cotton said...

Thanks. I now need to tackle Rome.

M Cotton said...

I apprciate you sharing pictures of the areas you visit.  At first glance, I thought you had caught a picture of your dad resting. Then, I realized that gentleman is much heavier that your dad.  Never mind that your dad has been deceased for 15 yrs come August.

Great picture of you striding the streets of Mallorca.  

Steve Cotton said...

For a moment, I thought you meant the photograph of me at the bottom of the post.