Sunday, June 05, 2011

buying my soul at wholesale

I had all sorts of plans for my drive back to Melaque from Puerto Vallarta on Saturday.

Stops at little beaches.  Lunch in a new restaurant.  And some ham-enriched beans when I returned home.

Nice dreams.  Maybe one day they will.  But that day was not Saturday.

One of the joys of Puerto Vallarta is Costco.  I am not certain why I get so excited about the prospect of shopping at a big American-oriented warehouse.  I almost never find find what I would like to buy.  But isn’t that true of a lot of our lives?

This trip my list was short.  I needed a new backup drive for my computer.  My current backup is almost full.  I need to transfer my photograph files to the current backup because my C drive is almost full, as well.  Two birds.  One drive.

I found exactly what I needed.  A 3 terabyte backup.

But I may be in the market for a new computer.  The wireless adapter in my lap top is not working.  That was the first symptom of my last computer as it began its death spiral.

I may need to break out the black crepe.

The other item on my shopping list was a hunk of ham.  I want to add chunks of pork butt to my home-cooked beans.

And it should be an easy request to fill.  Or so I thought.  Not even Costco had whole hams.  All kinds of sliced ham.  Even ham steaks.

Then I saw it.  A foil-wrapped ham – with its bone.  I grabbed it as if it was the Holy Grail – until I read the package.  Spiral cut.  Merely a variation on a theme.

For now, I am laying down my ham quest.  Sliced ham will have to do – while I serve death watch on my lap top.

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