Tuesday, September 13, 2011

one day in november

It could be the title of a spy thriller -- or a bodice ripper.

But it is neither.

It is time for the Latin American Bloggers Group to reassemble.  This time for one day.  Saturday, 5 November 2011.

For those of you who have not been to Mérida, it will be a good opportunity to visit the “Paris of Mexico” -- as it so modestly labels itself.

Last year we had excellent facilities at the Tecnología Turística Total -- where I took great pleasure in doing a bit of on-the-spot reporting.

You may recall that I thought last year’s event was very helpful.  I did a bit of experimenting with ideas I learned from fellow bloggers -- and have retained most of them.  The ideas, that is.

As always, there will be discussions on how to improve our blogs and how to resolve problems with our respective blog applications.

But, best of all, there will be time to learn more about the people who write these prose love notes to an audience we barely know.

If you write a Latin American blog, come on over.  If you don’t, start one.  Dive on in.  The water is fine.

The conference has its own blog page and email address.


Steve Rush said...

Huh, that's sorta Twilight Zoneish, wife and I had planned to do some reconnaissance to Merida the following week in November, but the room next to the pool, important fact, was only available for 4 days, so we decided to just move the vacation up a week to the 5th. Would have been a real treat to meet you if you were going to be there a few days. Don't know if you've already made arrangements for lodging but if not check out "Luz en Yucatan" webpage, was just weird enough to snag us.  

Steve Cotton said...

I have just started making plans. It would b a nice coincidence if this works out.

LeslieLimon said...

One of these days, we need to plan one of these blogger conferences for those of us in Central Mexico.  :)    

Steve Cotton said...

I am certain we could do just that.