Wednesday, September 14, 2011

pulling the chain

Let’s see.  Where was I now?

Ah, yes.  I was telling you about a few of things that had changed at the beach.  Such as, the unusual damage the streets have suffered with the summer rains.  (patton is my co-pilot

I should stop and take a photograph.  They are now back to their pre-graded condition.

But not right now.  I have another topic.  My laguna.  And it was really changed when I came back.  That is it at the top of the post.  You might notice that something is missing.  Water.  Other than a few puddles.

About a week before I returned to Melaque, the powers that be decided the water level of the laguna was getting a bit too high.  If left untended, the water will rise high enough to breach the beach sand dunes, and the water level will go down.

But if nature ends up relieving her problems in her own way, a lot of people would be flooded out of their homes.  Including a certain blog writer.  And he would prefer to keep his computer out of the water.

To avoid that result, the municipal authorities hire a cat driver to plow through the dunes and let the water flow.


But it is not just water that comes out.  You may recall that we have an ongoing battle with the water lettuce and water hyacinth.  And because it floats, it will swoosh right out to sea like the contents of a flushed toilet.

Well, not quite out to sea.  Out to sea and then back up on the Melaque beach.

I was not here when the vegetation was at its height, but here is a photograph taken two weeks later at one of my favorite eateries.  The owner told me the vegetation was up to his chest the day it was released.  Along with snakes, crabs, spiders, dead fresh water fish, and the odd crocodile that all went along on this community amusement ride.

The beach businesses were a bit displeased that all of this happened on a weekend while they were trying to make an honest peso off of the Guadalajara tourists.

Once the water went down, the beach breach started healing itself.  Sand is like that.  And the laguna began to fill up again.


This is a photograph of how much water has returned.  Our abundance of rain this summer will undoubtedly have the water level back up to spot where the crocodiles can return to our inlet and rest in the sun.

But that means I also have some work to do.  The flow was not strong enough to pull out our floating vegetation.  So, I need to pull out my grappling hook and start clearing the pond.

At least, that did not change while I was gone.

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