Sunday, January 08, 2012

falling off the electronic wagon

My name is Steve.  And I am an electronics addict.

Several years ago I surrendered in the electronics wars.  Before then, I was what the trade calls “an early adopter.”  If there was a new gadget about to be released I was at the front of the line to buy the latest toy.

Somewhere along the line, though, all of those big-screen televisions, laser disc players, DVDs, CD players, PDAs, and Blackberries lost their allure.  I tied a low-tech pocket silk to my Mont Blanc fountain pen -- and left the battlefield.

Moving to Mexico helped.  Electronics tended to be rare and expensive.  But during the past year, market forces and middle class aspirations have made some electronic gear plentiful and affordable.  A trip through the high definition television aisle in any Mexico Costco bears out the evolution.

But what I shunned in Mexico is exactly what I fell prey to in Oregon. 

One of my first stops when I came up here was Fry’s Electronics.  To men, Fry’s is as seductive as shoe stores are to some women.  I could -- and did -- spend hours.  Just looking at the new gadgets.

I made the mistake of some recovering addicts.  I thought looking would not be a problem.  And there was no reason that it should have mattered.

However, one item called out to me.  A Z series Sony Vaio notebook.  When I moved to Mexico, I took my first Z series notebook with me.  You may recall how much I loved that computer.  It was sleek and light.  My constant companion on trips around the village.

But such love burns bright -- and brief.  At the time, I lived on the beach.  The wind would bring brine into the house.  Sensitive electronics and salt water are a volatile mixture.  Within four months I had a dead computer on my hands.

I no longer live on the beach.  And Sony has produced its second generation of notebooks.  Lighter.  Sexier.  And for a price that is almost six months of rent at my duplex.

But I gave into the siren call yesterday.  I will not bore you with the specifications.  Let’s just say that will meet all of my walkabout blogging needs when I get back to Mexico -- and in Red China.

Later today I head over to Bend to talk with my brother the computer expert -- to divide up some tasks between the new notebook and my old lap top.

He can also counsel me on giving in to these urges. 


NWexican said...

Hi my name is Kurt and I am an electronics addict. I call Fry's, "mecca" to give a chuckle to my wife. She hates the place but will indulge me now and then just to see the look on my face. Thankfully it is not too close to my neighborhood or I might be seriously, "toy poor"
Keep coming back, it works.

Gary Denness said...

I can fully relate to this story amigo. Once upon a time in a former life, before Mexico beckoned me, I bought every new toy going. I wouldn't even contemplate a new PC unless it had the latest greatest graphics card.

But the higher prices in Mexico, my lower salary and a generally more relaxed way of looking at things saw me ease off my habit. A bit. But I still bite now and again. Cameras are my thing. And pocketable devices too. But I really do need a new laptop. And the Sony I once took with me was my fave PC of them all. I'd definitely consider another.

Steve Cotton said...

I need to make at least one more trip up there before I head south.

Steve Cotton said...

I am thoroughly enjoying mine.

Laurie Matherne said...

I am an Apple girl. I have strayed before, but I have far too many gadgets. I have 2 computers, 2 cell phones, 2 DVD players, 2 printers, and one camera (I had 2 but gave one away last month). I don't have 2 husbands. Actually I don't have one of those, yet. 

Steve Cotton said...

I looked at the Air, but I was not ready to jump the PC.

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