Monday, March 12, 2012

a hole in the scenery

All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women are merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances.
Shakespeare nailed it.  At least for me.  The world is a stage.

And when I made my grand entrance this morning onto the garden patio, all of the usual props were there.  Plenty of sun.  A nice breeze.  And the sounds of fighting cocks competing with the less-annoying warblers.

But something was amiss.  Or, more accurately, amissing.

You may recall that I am on my third hammock at Casa A
lgodón.  The latest being a multi-colored work: lonely swinger.

Well, it appears to be the late hammock.  Where it once swung between two trees, there is now only open space.  Occupied, perhaps, by the Zen essence of the hammock.

It appears someone, who wanted the hammock more than I did, jumped the fence and made off with my swinging nap spot.

Of course, I took a look around to see if anything else was missing.  It wasn't.

I wanted to make certain my reason had not gone missing along with the hammock.  These type of thefts can often lead to what I refer to as inductive hysteria.  Because something of mine was taken, I must now live as if the Cossacks will soon descend on us.

Nothing has changed in my life other than my land lady's hammock is gone.  It is simply a prop, and the fact it is missing int his little play of life merely means I will need to indulge in a little improvisation.

The trick is making the audience believe the missing prop is merely part of the play.

And maybe it is.


Stewartj said...

Ooooh I'll play the NOTB card, " Electrify the fence"

Nita said...

I can't imagine why anyone would steal it, since they are for sale all over the country.

Steve Cotton said...

Well, I guess someone thought stealing was less expensive than buying.

Steve Cotton said...

Buying a new hammock would be far cheaper -- on the pocketbook and the soul. ;-]

Andean said...

I'm sorry to hear that  : (   
It's never a good feeling to have something in ones personal space taken regardless of what it is -- could be worse, but still ...

Steve Cotton said...

These events are only bad if we allow hem to start controlling our lives.

Dan in NC said...

Steve, that which we gain without our sweat, is easy to loose without regret. Perhaps if YOU had actually woven it yourself , your reaction to the removal might be a bit more heated? I guess this is all relative... You worked to get the funds to purchase the hammock, and the person that took it did not. I would be pissed -not philosophical !
Dan in NC

Steve Cotton said...

I like to think that I would be just as forgiving if the hammock had not belonged to my land lady.  And I suspect I would be.  But it is just a thing.  And life is to good here to worry about kidnapped hammocks.

John Calypso said...

As losses go - not major. However I would be bothered by the tone  of theft in and around my home. We have been pretty cavalier about stuff around the yard - this may be a wake-up call.

Next time get snap shackles where you can quickly unclip your swinger and take it in when not in use.

Steve Cotton said...

 It had a great set of quick release clips.  The thief cut one rope and took the clip.  Leaving me with just one. But he obviously came prepared to cut rope,

John Calypso said...

 the only problem with your scenario regarding the "...great set of quick release clips." is you did not use them ;-(

Steve Cotton said...

 Nope. Never thought there was a need.