Thursday, March 15, 2012

humming with the artist

I have received a couple of email about my failure to mention Ludovic Bource's award-winning score in today's review of The Artist.

Didn't I like it?  Am I joining the Kim Novac Moral Indignation Squad over the "plagiarism" from Vertigo?

No indignation.  No dislike.

It is a marvelous score.  I love film scores in general, and this one is excellent.  It also bears the additional weight of being a Marcel Marceau for the lack of dialog.  I simply ran out of space in the review.

But I will let you make up your own mind.  This piece accompanies a bit of comedic business with actors flubbing their roles while a relationship starts building between the older male star and the young actress on her way up.  A piece of film that will prove to be a pivotal plot prop.

Enjoy.  I did.


Rick said...

Viewing a bootleg copy of this film on a little computer with subtitles over subtitles would render it unwatchable.  Silent films were about subtleties and only shown in glamorous theaters.  The experience of going out and seeing it on a big screen was part of the experience and this film will always suffer when seen on T.V. or computer.

The fact that you managed to enjoy it at all shows your keen eye and the magic that good filmmakers can convey.

Steve Cotton said...

 This was have been a very nice movie (to use Felipe's term) to watch in one of the of movie palaces.  But they are mainly gone.  But, you are correct, even with its imposed circumstances, it was a good movie.  (And do not get me started on how compressed music -- MP3 and its ilk -- has eroded our ability to appreciate good sound.)