Tuesday, April 17, 2012

cruise -- day 4

We are in The Bahamas today.  Nassau to be more precise. 

I plan to do nothing more than walk around the town.  It is one of those places you think should have more than it does.

Isn't this where Hannibal Lecter stalked Dr. Chilton?  Naw.  That was Bimini of Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. fame. 

Little chance of running into anyone in that trio.


jennifer rose said...

You might download David Unger's The Price of Escape to your Kindle so you can read about the fate of man who arrived on Central American shores via a tramp steamer from Germany. Don't let this happen to you.

Irene said...

Is that a real picture?   The colors are so intense!  Someone told me once there is an island near Venice where everyone paints their homes in bright colors.  It must be something to do with islands.

Steve Cotton said...

 I may need to buy it.  I can do that out here, you know.

Steve Cotton said...

 It is a photograph of a painting.  But it accurately captures the spirit of The Bahamas.