Saturday, April 14, 2012

sitting on the dock

It is a five star Faulkner morning.  Other than the fact that I am in Louisiana, and not Mississippi.  And I am surrounded by Yankees and Germans rather than hordes of Snopeses.

Instead of heading out to the quarter to stuff in a few more Tourist Moments, I decided to sit in the hotel courtyard next to the pool and enjoy a bit of Southern solitude. 

Of course, bringing my computer down here rather defeats that purpose.  Like all gadgets, it is an electronic barrier to being part of the experience.

Before I left Mexico, I received a lot of mixed messages about our first cruise day.  We were initially scheduled to leave port at 5.  That time has been moved back to 9. 

The ship is going through a bit of renovation on our way to Barcelona, and the company needs to get everything on board to enact the equivalent of This Old Ship.  Thus, the later sail time.

The big question was whether we would be able to board at 1 or, as some rumors had it, we would have to wait for 5.  It turns out that 1 is the magic hour.

That will give me enough time to fit in another day in New Orleans.

Once I am settled on board, I can get off again and enjoy the city.  New Orleans is one of the few cruise ports where you can step off the ship into the middle of an interesting city.

So, rather than keep on typing, I will close for now (not knowing when I will write again).

What I do know is that I have a great month ahead of me.  But isn’t that true of every month?

As a parting shot.  Wouldn't you love to be at a dinner party with the lot at the top of this post.  Some artist has an interesting sense of irony.


John Calypso said...

That group would make for some interesting travel mates (of course disregarding the fact many of them are dead). Have a great cruise amigo!

Steve Cotton said...

 Don Knotts and Marilyn Monroe strike me as an interesting couple.  Of course, my odds would be on Jesus for any conversation with Lennon.  Perhaps they could have a discussion on the misleading ways of "popularity."