Sunday, May 27, 2012

rose-tinted sands

I am back in Mexico -- for the past 31 hours or so.

And the transition has been seamless.  Almost.

My friends Wynn and Lou picked me up at the airport, and delivered me to Villa Obregon.  After I settled in, they drove over here for dinner at one of the few neighborhood restaurants that stay open for a portion of the summer.

I have said it before.  I will say it again.  Dinner with friends is one of life's best experiences.

As was this one.  Even though I was exhausted.  I did not get to bed on Friday night.  My housesitter and I drove up to Portland to see a movie.  By the time we got back to the house, it was past midnight.  And I had just enough time to pack and catch the 3AM shuttle to the Portland Airport.

I mentioned a not-quite-seamless transition.  Even though I was exhausted enough to head to bed around 9 PM last night, the heat and humidity did a great job of fighting off The Sandman.  I started calculating whether I should jump on a return flight to Oregon next Saturday.

But the moment passed.  And I drifted off. 

This is Sunday.  So, I was up early to head off to church.

In the winter, our church attendance is over 100.  Today it was 16.  A perfect size for more informal services.

Next Sunday, I get to play the role of sermonizer.  Or, more accurately, facilitator.  If all goes as planned, we will discuss Proverbs 15:1.
A gentle response deflects fury,
but a harsh word makes tempers rise.
That couplet contains a lot of wisdom.  Mainly in its subtext.

Then I was off to lunch with four women from the church.  And to the ATM for pesos (at an incredibly good exchange rate), to the grocer to fill the refrigerator with fresh vegetables, and to the Telcel office to buy some additional minutes for my mobile telephone (a telephone that worked on the ship and in The States -- much to my surprise).

This evening, I had dinner with my landlady and caught up on happenings in Melaque.  She was gracious enough to listen to my sea tales.

But it has been a long day.  I am now heading to bed.

Tomorrow I will start my TODO list to get my life in order for Mexico.

Despite the heat, it is nice to be back in Melaque.


Don Cuevas said...

It's cool up here near Pátzcuaro.

Don Cuevas

Tancho said...

Welcome back Amigo, do overdo or the relaxation too much, you may start enjoying it!

Shannon Casey said...

Now that you're back why not make a trip to San Miguel. It's hot but not humid and the breeze is always lovely. Welcome back!

Nita said...

I know you enjoyed your trip. I also enjoyed traveling along. Sorry no cherries were ready yet. I will eat my fill once they get here!

Steve Cotton said...

 I may be in Oregon in August.  If I am, there should be some cherries still around.

Andean said...

I sure miss the rose tinted sands!

Steve Cotton said...

 They are still here.

I saw your sister and Roxanne at Froy's during lunch.

Andean said...

Froy's, one of the many eateries on the beach, great view. I tried many and have my favorites.

There have been many emails and pictures back and forth -- next time you run into them say hi from me :)

Andean said...

I heard Silver Falls in Oregon is beautiful. Great hiking and you can walk behind the waterfalls... Nice to get first hand information of natures beautiful places in all parts of the world.

Steve Cotton said...

 One of my favorite parks.

Steve Cotton said...

 I did.  I saw Ed on my way back from the beach.

Andean said...

One of my favorite artists.