Monday, January 14, 2013

birthday greetings -- ii

My mother thought you might like this birthday photograph.

She has a far better photographic archive of my younger years.  This gem comes from one of her albums.

We were living in Eugene when my birthday rolled around.  So, there I am.  About to blow out the four big candles on my cake.

My brother, Darrel, is trying to help me with my birthday task.  And, I am resisting his assistance.  I like to think I would be a bit more gracious these days.  After all,I might need help to blow out my current forest of candles.

The gentleman to my left is my maternal grandfather -- Daniel Bruce Munro.  I am not certain I ever saw him dressed in anything other than a coat and tie.  Even when he was working in the garden.

Thanks for the photograph, Mom.  In fact, thanks for the gift of life.  I hope I have put it to good use.



sloy nichols said...

a great birthday memory! well remembered, steve. (san & dave)

John said...

Happy Birthday, Old Sport!

I hate to admit it, but that
photograph looks a great deal like some of my mother's early snaps of my
birthdays. I especially appreciate the cake dish. My mother used one
just like it for my birthday cakes. It was a piece handed down from my
great Aunt Minnie. I still have that cake plate.

The other
object of significance are the metal drinking glasses. I remember
drinking Watkin's lemonade drink from them during the hot summers.
Sometimes condensation of frost would form on the outside of the glass.
They were great. When dropped, they did not shatter. God only knows
what was in that metal and what was in that paint that colored them. If
we knew, perhaps you and I would not have so much apologizing to do.

for your aggressive behavior toward your brother. Don't waste a second
on it. He was just a natural part of the evolutionary process to get
you ready to be the assertive person you needed to be. Think of him not
as your brother Darrell, but, rather, as one amongst many of several
environmental pressures working to shape your mind and body.

for grandfather Munro. That is a famous name in Canada. There was a
Munro from Canada who served in the US Navy during WWII and was given
the Medal of Honor for bravery shown during one of the Pacific Island
landings. Unfortunately, the award was given posthumously. (that means
after he died, Steve) Would you be related to those Munros by any

At any rate, best wishes for a wonderful birthday, and
thank you Mother Cotton for having given the world such a delightful boy
and man. Steve is loved by many.

Gary Denness said...

Many happy returns of the day old chap!

Steve Cotton said...

Thanks, Gary. I hope to see you soon in Mexico.

Steve Cotton said...

There is a Munro connection with Canada. My great-great grandfather landed on Prince Edward Island from Scotland. More than that, I know not.

Thanks for the greetings.

Steve Cotton said...

I wish I could say I remember the event. All I remember is the photograph. But I guess that counts.

Laurie Matherne said...

Happy Birthday, friend. I hope you are basking in the company of friends and family.

Cineguy Jordan said...

Happy Birthday Best Friend! (I won't take the liberty of disclosing the exact number of trees in that particular forest...)

jennifer rose said...

Happy Birthday, Steve! And many, many more.

Steve Cotton said...

It has been a quiet day at home on my own. And that is a good way to celebrate -- at times.

Steve Cotton said...

I will take as many as I am served.

Steve Cotton said...


Robert Carter said...

Have a great birthday Steve. 64 is a significant milestone.