Monday, January 21, 2013

fickle electronics

I do not always choose wisely.

The pile of obsolete computers, dating back to the 1980s, that currently clutter my living room prove the point.

But -- now and then -- I get it just right.  My Kindle purchases qualify as best buys.

When I moved to Mexico four years ago, I considered buying a Kindle.  Books in Spanish in Mexico are not common.  Books in English are as rare as silver in street vendors' necklaces.

Kindles were still quite expensive in 2009.  And there were issues in uploading electronic books on the internet.

In 2010 Amazon made one of those masterful marketing decisions that will be taught in business schools for years.  The company decided to sell its electronic book reader for just above cost -- following the model of RCA Victor decades earlier. 

After all, Amazon was primarily interested in selling books.  That was its profit source.  And Amazon made downloading books a snap with the new Kindle.

I bought one.  And, as you know from my earlier posts, I fell in love with the convenience of having my library with me at all times and being able to buy new books no matter where I was.

When the letters on my first Kindle keyboard began to wear off, I bought a Touch Kindle.  It was even better than the original, and lasted until I lost it in Dubai and had to buy a replacement.

As of this week, I am on Kindle number four.  Nothing went wrong the version I ha.  I was simply seduced by the upgrades in the new version.

My new device -- the Paperwhite -- arrived last week.  And I am pleased to report it is even better than its three predecessors.

There are a lot of improvements on this model, but my favorite is the internal light.  No longer do I have to rely on a clip-on or cover light (with their uneven light throws) to read at night.

Some of you remember that I did not buy a Fire or an iPad because the screen is backlit.  In the Mexican sun, backlit screens are extremely hard to read.

But this screen is different.  It lights from the side while retaining the technology that creates an image that is as easy to read as a book.

In two weeks, I will be on my way back to Mexico with one of the purchases in my life that has made sense.

As for the pile of computers, they are history.


jennifer rose said...

Go out now and buy yourself an iPad. The own with the retina display. And only then will you know true perfection.

Steve Cotton said...

I see that Eve is still offering the apple.

Todd McIntosh said...

When we moved down here there was no such thing as a kindle.
We brought a small uhaul trailer that was 75% books, 5% pictures and camera gear, and 20 sentimental stuff and bunny cage, complete with international bunny Larry.

We love our life in Mexico, but the 2 most difficult adjustments were the way animals were treated here (the number of dead critters on the road) and the lack of substantial book stores.

When we got on board with the Kindle, we were so happy!

I still have my original Kindle, complete with little keypad. Shannon has a Touch after she sat on..... I mean , after her kindle mysteriously died.

What I like about the non touch version is you just stick it in a zip lock back and it is good to go in the tub, jacuzzi or pool, not so with the touch.

Mine does have a crack at the corner of the screen, perhaps we should get a backup, just in case.......


Steve Cotton said...

Mine joins me in the tub -- without covering. Life is too short for safety.

Felipe Zapata said...

I still have the Kindle Touch. Don't tempt me, laddie, please. Love those things.

You "moved to Mexico four years ago"? Ah, c'mon. You came down and rented a house. You visit now and then for brief spells, but you still have not moved to Mexico. Maybe you will someday. I recommend it.

Felipe Zapata said...

Apple is the Darth Vader of high technology. Avoid at your peril. There's a reason they all wear black.

Todd McIntosh said...

LOL, I guess it is time for me to take a walk on the wild side!

Steve Cotton said...

You sound like my niece. She made her grandmother take back an Apple telephone in exchange for an Android.

Steve Cotton said...

Well, I did move my life operations to Mexico four years ago. And then traveled a lot. As I will in the future. I hope.

You will love the Paperwhite.

Laurie Matherne said...

I think it's nearly time for a new Kindle. My Kindle is so old that it needs kindling to get the battery started. Almost. The battery is starting to fail. I have heard good reports about the Paperwhite. Maybe that's my next electronic purchase. I do love Apple though but i don't want an iPad, I think they will be the least favored product one day in the Apple line.

Laurie Matherne said...

I wear black. I love Apple. Since the Apple invented a ridiculous machine that needed floppy disks to run dinky programs. For reading, I prefer my Kindle. In Honduras it makes sense. It's small, unobstrusive in a black case. It looks like a book or the bulky agenda books that Hondurans insist on carrying around.

Steve Cotton said...

You will love the Paperwhite. Amazon has done a good job of adding improvements to its readers.

DonCuevas said...

I took a photo on the J. Rose iPad. It was fun. The screen is animated. I was able to figure it out in a few moments with resorting to RTFM. The picture came out very nicely. You can see it here:

(Obviously, some attention has to be paid to composition.)

Don Cuevas

John Calypso said...

Still on my first - bought days after your first - now you are up to four - yikes! I will checkout their offerings in the Summer.