Monday, January 28, 2013

no piano, no forte

Once upon a time a pianoforte lived in the corner of a living room.  "Piano" -- to its friends.

For nine years it provided entertainment to various house guests.  Friends.  Acquaintances.  Bible study groups.  Political plotters.

But it had long been the companion of a boy who took his first lessons on a giant, black upright piano in his family's dining room.  And when the boy showed some promise with the instrument, his parents bought a spiffy cherry wood Yamaha spinet with the innards of a baby grand.  That was in the 1960s.

And grand it was.  Unfortunately, the promise the boy showed was "some."  And never more.  Years of lessons and a few recitals convinced everyone that the Alto saxophone would be a better investment.

The piano came to Salem in 2004.  But it could not move to Mexico.

Just as the boy -- now drawing Social Security -- was ready to list the piano for sale, an Air Force nurse friend called.  She wanted to know if he would be interested in selling the piano to her daughter.

He was.  And for a bargain price.  His piano tuner had told hm that pianos are difficult sell these days.  Few people play keyboards any more.  The days when most people in the family could play the piano are long gone. 

And those who play often buy digital instruments.  And modern homes are the poorer for it.

So, this afternoon, the piano boarded a truck for Portland.  Where it will find a loving home with a young family who appreciates a instrument that can add joy to a home.  Leaving nothing more than a corner filled with a decade of dust and bits of broken crockery.

For the piano, it was not a parting.  It was a new beginning.

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