Friday, February 08, 2013

high society on the sand

Lady Astor and Mrs. Vanderbilt would immediately recognize this month.

It is high season for the northern tourist Melaque set.  In these parts, that translates to charitable fundraisers.

Yesterday it was the turn of San Patricio by the Sea.  The English-speaking church in town.  On whose board I serve.

The fundraiser has turned into an annual affair.  I would call it a tradition, but this is only its second year.  But last year's event -- essentially an open house for the new palapa -- was such a success, the organizers decided to give it another go.

And a success it was.  Four hundred people came and left during the three hour event.  An event that had all of the attributes of high society.  Or, at least, high society at the beach.

Of course, there were the usual finger foods.

  Plenty of live music -- of several varieties.

Tables of silent auction items.  (I always manage to buy at least one of the dining certificates -- and then never use it.)

There was  a very special item in the auction.  A painting by a local young woman whose arms and legs are useless.  She paints holding a brush in her mouth.  I am certain whoever bought the painting will have a very special memory to go along with it.

By the time I arrived, most of the baked goods (because it is heretical to have a church fundraiser without the presence of bread -- and its derivative cousins) had sold.  Here is the remnant Left Behind.

And books.  Reading material at the beach is a treasure to be preserved.  Shared.  Re-sold.

No fundraiser would be complete without a raffle.  And raffle prayers.

This fundraiser had two purposes.  The first was to help finance the church's services to the local community.  By providing food boxes, flood relief, and related services to our neighbors.

The second purpose was to assist in constructing a multipurpose building at the back of the church lot.  This is what the site looks like now.

This is what we envision.  A storage area that will allow the church to offer a variety of services in the future.

So, what was this year's fundraising result?  I don't know yet.  But I do know the people who were there had a great time.

Even without the Astors and Vanderbilts.

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