Sunday, February 03, 2013

rescuing the perishing

Community is one of the keys for a well-lived life.

And, after four years in Melaque, I am finally finding my community footing.  Or, at least, one aspect of it.

I was barely two hours off of the airplane from Los Angeles yesterday when I found myself shutter-deep in a fundraiser for Pro Animal Melaque -- a local group formed to rescue dogs and cats from the street and to find suitable homes for them.

My land lady is one of the driving forces behind the organization.  She invited me to attend -- and then asked if i would be kind enough to act as the event photographer.

In the hour I had at the house to unpack, I discovered I was without internet and that my telephone had done its best 787 impression by overheating and dumping all of its power.  But those were issues that could wait.  Instead, I focused on the event of the evening.

And a fun evening it was.  One hundred Mexicans, Canadians, Americans, English, Ecuadorians, and assorted other nationalities lined up to purchase tickets for a full night of food and entertainment.

The group overflowed into the street in front of one of my favorite eateries in Villa Obregon -- Bistro Gigi.  Giselle prepared an interesting Asian fusion dinner for the animal-loving crowd.  Me?  I loved the chicken.

There were the usual fundraiser distractions.

A silent auction.

A 50-50 raffle -- where my recent good fortune seemed to desert me.

Elegant women.

Dancers.  Some from the calendar I discussed in calendar girls.

And the evening's headliner.  The inimitable Angelina Sol -- whose voice is as beautiful as she is.

By the time I returned to the duplex, the internet was working and my telephone was charged (waiting for me to buy some additional time today for its depleted account).  Once again reminding me that Mexico awards patience.

But, more than that, it is a place where I can find community.


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