Saturday, March 16, 2013

nothing changes

I ask you -- what kind of chance did I have in life?

Here I am at three or so -- dressed up as if I am heading off to court or hitting the campaign trail.  Or, more likely, to be a Fuller brush man.

Now, there are people who claim that I was born 35 years old in a three piece suit.  Complete with an attaché case.  Maybe I wasn't three in this photograph.  This may have been the delivery room of Mast Hospital.  Cameras seldom lie.

I am now in Bend.  A moving van showed up at the Salem house Friday morning.  A few items that were headed to my mother's house in Bend (along with a lot of large items headed to Goodwill) were quickly tucked away.

Simultaneously, my house sitter and his family were loading up some of my other Stuff -- for him to use in a future apartment.

The result is that by 9:30, I had said my final farewell to Salem and the house was turned over to new buyers.  I wish I could say it was turned over clean.  But we had a short time frame to make what was once mine someone else's.

While packing away things at Mom's house, I ran across an old photograph album that includes some very interesting images.  Some I will share with you in the next few days.

But this one sums up my mood today. 

I knew I was saving up that smile for something.

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