Saturday, March 30, 2013

the red cloaks are coming

It took me three years before I saw my first Good Friday procession in Mexico.  That was last year (i thirst).

This year, my friends, the Moodies, invited Mom, Darrel, and me over for a taste of this year's Mexican celebration -- and, more importantly, piety.  One o' clock, they suggested-- the time they had been told the procession would assemble.

We have lived in Mexico long enough to know timeliness has nothing to do with godliness.  And it certainly was not as important as the procession itself yesterday. 

But that gave the five of us an opportunity to talk about a full range of topics.  Proving another cultural advantage of Mexico.  Forging relationships is more important than clocks or money.

We were in full conversation mode when the first red cloaks appeared through the foliage up the street.  Mounted Roman legionnaires were leading Jesus to be crucified while his woman disciples followed him to his death. 

Along the way, the procession stopped at each station of the cross.

I am glad that Darrel and Mom were able to experience this little slice of Mexican life.  I am still as ambivalent about it as I was last year.  But it was a perfect transition to our own Good Friday service.

After watching the procession last year, I concluded:  "For me, yesterday was a very good Friday.  Because life is not about the crucifixion.  It is about the resurrection and living in love with one another."

And it is always good to be reminded that we mourn the fact we are not the people we know we should be.  Only with God's grace -- and our reflection of that grace -- will we be.

I wish you another meaningful Easter this year.

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