Monday, June 03, 2013

lingerie ahead

My brakes in Mexico get a good workout.

At least, in my imagination.

Take this highway sign.  It is on a new "parkway" that bypasses Cihuatlán.  When I first saw it, I nearly came to a full stop.  What was the highway department trying to tell me?

Victoria's Secret shop ahead?

Men's locker room?

Garter belt check-point?

It certainly had the look of something inguinal.  But, as is so often true with the world that inhabits my head, the truth is far more mundane.

The sign announces this intersection.

It is nothing more than one road intersecting another.  I suspect there must be some subtle reason why the sign was chosen.  But, I would have anticipated this sign, instead.

On the other hand, one of these alphabet signs would not very likely test the brakes on my new Escape.

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