Tuesday, June 04, 2013

tour time

I have been toying with some road trip ideas for the summer.  A cruise in the new Escape to escape the heat of Melaque.  Melaque -- where vegetables can steam to table-ready within an afternoon on the kitchen counter.

But I know I will not get to every place I would like to see this year.  That is where my buddies Ruth and Dan come into play.

You have met them already.  They run Mex-ECO Tours here in Melaque.  It was through their tours that I was introduced to Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende, Morelia,
Pátzcuaro, Mexico City, Copper Canyon, and Chiapas over the past three years.

I am not a big fan of bus tours, but Mex-ECO makes the most of the method.  The stops are always interesting.  The tour guides are well-read and always maintain an appropriate narrative.  The hotels are first rate.

Bus tours are designed to be the Whitman's Sampler of travel.  A good introduction to places worthy of future visits.  As a result of my bus tour visits, I have returned to the highlands during the past two summers, for longer stays.

Which tours I will take this coming season, I am not certain.  Most likely Oaxaca,
Yucatán, and Tapalpa.  Maybe more.  Maybe less.  But there is time to settle on my choices.

Here is the full menu.


31 Oct - 2 Nov: Day of the Dead
15 - 17 Nov: Chapala Arts/Crafts

11-12 Dec: Guadalajara Christmas Shopping


8-10 Jan: Tapalpa (a new tour)

13-16 Jan: Guanajuato
16-21 Jan: Copper Canyon
22-27 Jan: Mexico City
28-31 Jan: Morelia, Monarch Butterflies
4-9 Feb: Oaxaca

10-13 Feb: Highlights of Jalisco
11-18 Feb: Chiapas
18-22 Feb: Yucatán/Riviera (another new tour)
21-23 Feb: Guadalajara, Tequila Express

25-28 Feb: Morelia, Monafrch Butterflies
3-7 Mar: Ruta de Don Vasco
11-13 Mar: Tapalpa

You can find more details on each individual tour at
Mex-ECO Tours.  I understand Ruth and Dan are taking reservations now.

Come to think of it, I may make my own right now.  Come join me.

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