Thursday, July 04, 2013

snapping the cycle of life

What could be better news than a birth?  Even if it is only a plant.

About two weeks ago, I noticed that the orchid on by Flamboyant tree looked a little different.  Just a bit more radiant -- and slightly larger.

Last November -- just before I headed north to get my house in order to put it on the market -- the orchid grew a new node.  That led to a fast-growing spike. 

And, within days, my garden had its own private corsage display.  But you remember all of that from audrey 2 moves to melaque.

Because of the trip north, I missed most of the blooming period.  This time, though, it looked as if I was going to be around for a new show.  There was no spike.  But there was plenty of new growth.  So hopeful.  So tender.

Unfortunately, it is not going to happen.  Something got to the shoot.  Not in a very nice way. 

The top has been snapped off, and the growth is thoroughly gnawed.  If I had to pull in the usual suspects in for questioning, the two squirrels that quarrel in the garden canopy would be high on the list.

The nice thing about orchids is that there will always be a next time.

And, if you are patient, you will be the first to know.

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