Wednesday, August 14, 2013

a bisket filled with taskets

Any blog that originates in Mexico and starts with any variation on "Today I planned to do three [or four or five or anything but one] things" is going to be a tale of woe worthy of the pen of Sophocles.

Oedipus is about to get another brooch-job.

Being a slow learner, I decided to stuff a lot of things into my trip to Manzanillo yesterday.  I was already going to the dentist, so, I did not count that.  And the modem replacement was not so much a task as a necessity.  As were the purchase of a new telephone, hard drive backup, and new voltage protectors for my replacement goodies.

I justified -- to myself -- that  I really only had one task on my list-- to spend a leisurely afternoon at the movies.  The other fiver were -- well, other things.  You can probably see what is coming, can't you?

My dental appointment was at noon.  I knew there would be some waiting at Telmex.  Being a wise fellow, I left Melaque early.  But not early enough.

I will spare you the details.   I waited almost two hours at Telmex and I was fifth in line.  That did not sound bad.  But in the two hours I was there, not one additional number was called.

No problem, said I.  I will come back after my dental appointment.

Ah, the dental appointment.  Once again, we discovered infection.  A lot of it.  Back I go on antibiotics.  Not even that task could be marked off.

Off to Telmex to wait for another two hours.  Same situation.  But many more people.  I am now number 15 in a non-moving line.

The country in which I live is not known for its efficiencies.  Especially with monopoly businesses.  Whether governmental or private.  And Telmex is no exception.  In fact, it may be the rule.

But the head guy saw a problem building.  He asked the waiting group how many of us were there to replace modems. (I guess the entire Manzanillo area must have suffered the same type of surge that left me unplugged.)  A vast majority of us held up our deceased infants for this Solomon, who strode before us, hoping he could send us off with something more than half of a baby.

He took our numbers and very efficiently worked his way through the group -- swapping out old for new.  My exchange with him must have been no more than 10 minutes.

Then I was off to Office Depot for a telephone, backup disc, and voltage regulator.  The voltage regulator was easy.  But I had had enough shopping for the day.

Off I went to the theater.  By then, it was getting late in the afternoon.  And the Disneyized Lone Ranger movie (Pirates of the Sonora, I think it is called) did not play until 7. 

On the drive down I saw a dead horse along the road.  It was enough to remind me why we do not drive -- or ride -- afte dark around here.

Home I went.  Overall, it was not a bad day. I did keep my dental appointment. And I wandered home with a new modem and a voltage regulator to protect it.  The rest can wait for another day.

After all, it looks as if I may be making a few more trips to Manzanillo to visit the comely dentist.   And there just may be a good movie playing in town one day soon.



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