Thursday, August 29, 2013

accustomed to her face

It is always nice to see a familiar face in a new place.

You may recognize this one.  You met this particular spider sixteen months ago in
calling commissioner gordon.  Well, not this particular spider.  I doubt the spider in my Melaque garden flew north to Miami.  If it did, it stopped at one of Miami's numerous spas for a makeover.

And a good makeover it is.  Take a look at those red spikes.  Classier than the Sex Pistols.

Since my last post, I have learned a bit about these spiders.  They have several common names (spiny-backed orb weaver for one), but they are formally known as Gasteracantha cancriformis.

And if you live anywhere from the southern United States through South America, you probably have several of these spiders in your garden.  They are small.  If you are not looking for a ceramic piece of jewelry, you are likely to miss it.

But, if you do find one, treasure it.  It may be a familiar face that lets you find your way in a new place.

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