Wednesday, August 28, 2013

icing the bedroom

Frailty, thy name is air conditioning.

At least, in the crammed corners that are my mind.

When I talk about the temperature of Melaque in summer to my American friends, they inevitably ask about the air conditioning in my house.  There is an easy answer.

I don't have any.  Not even in my bedroom.

After two days in Miami, I am re-thinking that decision.  Because of the heat in Melaque, I have not had a good night of sleep since April.  Well, maybe one or two nights after rainstorms.  Otherwise, being sleepless in Melaque was the norm.

After staying up all Saturday night flying to Miami, I was very tired.  On Sunday night, I slept.  And slept.  Slept well.

I thought it was exhaustion.  I am now convinced it was the availability of air conditioning.  And there is the dilemma.

My idea of a perfect bedroom temperature is 55 degrees.  That is about the temperature where I no longer sleep on top of the covers.

Well, 55 is a temperature I will never see in Melaque.  And, even if I had air conditioning, I wouldn't see it.  For that, I would need a refrigeration unit -- and a house built to seal out the outside outside , instead of allowing it to flow through the house.

So, I am going to enjoy the Miami air conditioning in the condominium, the car, the shopping mall, the movie theater, and the restaurants.  And in my bedroom.

When I return to Melaque in three weeks, I will deal without.  Actually, I will deal without Melaque.  I am going to head to the cooler highlands of San Miguel de Allende.  No 55 nights, but far closer than tropical Melaque can provide.

But air conditioning?  Naw!  I don't need no stinkin' air conditioning.

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