Friday, August 02, 2013

life's little helpers

I am a simple man who enjoys a simple life.

But I am not above the odd convenience to make my life easier. 

Take remote car door locks.  My 2001 Ford Escape came with one of those handy little remote devices.  But it died somewhere around the fifth year of my ownership. 

I never bothered replacing it.  So, for seven years I relied upon my key to lock my doors.

My 2013 Escape has more electronic gadgets than a space shuttle.  Including a handy remote lock system.  That is me holding the remote device. 

But that is just the half of it.  Even though the remote is on my key ring, I am finding it hard to slip the key ring in my pocket when I get in the car.  After all, I have spent over four decades using a key to start my vehicles.

No longer.  See the button on the right of the photograph?  I do not need a key to start the new car.  There is no key hole.  Just that button.  As modern as a 1912 Cadillac.

But I think I may have been without my remote device for far too long.  It is such a magical device that I have tried to put its wizard power to use to open my post office box, my front gate, and my patio door.  I was disappointed that my batting average was .000.

My friend the postal clerk, seeing what I was doing in front of my postal box, joined me in laughing at my folly.  And promised that new postal boxes with electronic openers would be here within the year.

We both roared at that.


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