Monday, August 26, 2013

the last thing james hook saw with two hands

If you think Mama Croc is sinking in this photograph, you are wrong.  She is rising in defiance.

Last week, I walked out onto the anadaor and heard splashing.  Recently that has meant children are throwing things into the pond in an attempt to kill or disturb the baby crocodiles.

This time was no different.  Three children.  The youngest child -- maybe a 4-year old girl -- was screaming in terror and then throwing stones.  Her target?  Mama Croc.

The little girl would scream at the crocodile to come back.  When Mama surfaced, the girl would shriek, and lob stones at the crocodile.  Often making direct hits that would scare her away.

The girl's brother and sister tried stopping her, but she kept on screaming and firing.  Until Mama Croc surfaced.

Surfaced -- with an attitude.

I do not speak Croc.  But I have seen that same look across a restaurant table.  Usually on first dates.

As of Sunday morning, I am in Miami.  No more crocodile tales for a bit.  But we do have alligators here.

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