Sunday, November 24, 2013

new blog machine

Radio Free Content is back on the air.

Yesterday's post was composed on my brother's computer.  Today's post is coming to you from my new blog machine.

Yeah.  Yeah.  I know.  You have heard it all before. 

First, there was my Sony Z Series laptop that died in a briny death after four months of beach living.  Then came the HP laptop that simply wore out after two years.  Followed by another Sony Z series that died on the Baja trip of a broken hinge, frayed wiring, dysfunctional keyboard, and failing wireless connections.

But here we go again.  This time with Samsung's much-vaunted new ultrabook release -- ATIV Book 9 Plus.
I won't bore you with the specifications.  After all, this is not a computer blog --  merely a blog composed on a computer.  But it has the characteristic I most need for a blog machine.  It is incredibly light at 3 pounds.  And sleek enough to attract me to the keyboard.

And it means I am on the road to electronic recovery.  As you can see by the photograph at the top of the post, my camera is still on the fritz.  But not for long.  A new lens is speeding its way to Bend.  If all goes well, I will have it to get some shots of Thanksgiving dinner.

Or some of the stunning scenery in Bend.

It is good to be back.

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