Thursday, May 01, 2014

i was a weismann girl

I wish you knew Follies.

The Sondheim musical centers around two couples with troubled marriages who return to a reunion of performers from a series of follies produced, as the impresario puts it, "between the great wars."  That summary makes the play sound as if it might be a nostalgia wallow. It isn't.

Like Blue Jasmine, its theme is far more universal.  How we bring anguish to those around us when we build our own realities and then expect everyone around us -- especially, those we should love most -- to conform to the world we have created in our heads.

Some might call it narcissistic.  I call it nuts.

At the start of the show, the producer invites us to once again watch the entrance of the Weismann Folly Girls.  "So, take one last look.  They won't be coming down these stairs again."

I thought about that line at dinner last night.  One of my favorite restaurants in La Manzanillo -- Café de Flores -- has brought down the curtain on its culinary run.  Retirement beckoned far more than another night of culinary arts.

I was under the impression I was also going to lose one of the summer's few dining treats.  The owner's daughter, Alex, has been offering a limited menu of specialties three nights a week during the summer.  It is perhaps the highlight of the summer season in these parts.

But I misunderstood.  It is true that the restaurant is closed and the building is for sale.  However, Alex will continue to serve up her special treats at the same site until she and a baker friend team up in a new spot.

There are rumors of chicken pot pie in a pocket crust.  Rumors like that will help me work through the beach's oppressive heat and humidity.  At least, while I am here.

Last night I went over for the first of her offerings.  Of course, it was good.  It always is.  And I will go next week.  Alex offers creative dishes that are better than anything I have found, so far, in Mexico.  Even in San Miguel de Allende.

I am glad she will be open this summer.  And, I hope, many summers to come.

When former Weismann Girl
Sally Durant Plummer walks out onto the bare stage of Follies, she tells us: "It's going to be a lovely party.  I'm so glad I came."

And if you take advantage of some of Alex's offerings this summer, you will say the same thing.


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