Thursday, May 08, 2014

moving the earth

News flash!  Mexico just had an earthquake.

OK.  I know that is no more unexpected than a headline like "Trouble in the Middle East," but it may give me adequate cover for posting twice today.  I already have enough material for tomorrow.  Even though the news is now about 7 hours old.

So, here is the down and dirty.  I was up early this morning to get to my final fitting for my formal wear.  I will tell you how that went tomorrow.  So, let me jump to the bridge line.

I had intended on going to one of Mexico's museums this afternoon.  I headed back to the hotel with my new duds a bit before noon.  After hanging them up, I put my backpack together with museum necessities.  But, before I headed out the door, I decided to send some email.

In mid-correspondence, I noticed what felt like shaking.  I didn't think anything of it until I noticed the drapes were swaying.  Really swaying.  Then the floor started swaying.  And the power flashed off and on a couple of times.

Now, I just went through an earthquake last month.  The epicenter was down in the state of Guerreo.  A 7.2, if I recall correctly.  But it was strong enough and long enough that I left the house.  My ground level house.

Today, I was sitting 10 stories up, and when the building began swaying, it swayed.  I grabbed my backpack and headed toward the door.  It felt a bit like starting my cruise early.

The staff was in the corridor getting everyone lined up for an evacuation.  And evacuate we did.

When we got outside, the street was filled with what looked like extras from an Irwin Allen film.  What amazed me was how orderly the evacuation was and how calm everyone acted.  People who live here are accustomed to the drill.  But, most of the guests in the hotel are not regular earthquake riders.

I have to admit, I get a certain thrill out of quakes.  Mind you, I have never been in one of the killer variety.  I suppose the fact that it is dangerous is what gives me that adrenalin thrill.

There was no damage here.  The epicenter of this quake was also in Guerrero, but its magnitude was only 6.2.

The worst thing that happened to us was that just as we assembled, it started raining.  A lot of people (including me) simply wandered off to lunch. 

After all, what is the point of standing around in the rain in Mexico City when there is life to be enjoyed?

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