Saturday, May 24, 2014

that chair is free

Well, there you are.

Sit down and enjoy the view while I write this up.  We are anchored off of the north coast of Corsica.  At Calvi.

A pleasant little fishing village.  Falsely, but broadly, promoted as the birthplace of Christopher Columbus -- even though Napoleon actually was born further south on the island. 

Once the property of Genoa, now French, even though the vowel-ending surnames in the cemetery predominate.  And it was here that Nelson lost an eye during the storming of the Calvi citadel -- before he sailed into being a Naval Legend.

It occurred to me, as I was sitting here reading and indulging in some incredible Corsican cheese, that I am a fortunate guy.  When I was growing up in Powers, I don’t think I ever imagined sitting high on the deck of a cruise ship in the Mediterranean Sea.  Doing nothing other than whatever I choose. 

And with none of the yang of responsibility that annoyingly often comes tied to the yin of joy.  That is a rare day indeed.  Or maybe even a rare month.

This afternoon, I am content.  What better treasure could I offer you on a day like this?

Care for another bit of goat cheese?


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