Friday, September 05, 2014

room with a view

When I chose the option of a "room with a view,"  I had no delusions of wide vistas over the Thames or Hyde Park.  The hotel is sandwiched in the blocks in between.  But I did not expect an eponymous F.M. Forster experience, either.

What you see is what I see for $230 a night.*  It is probably as good a view as the courtyard served up to Lucy and Charlotte in Florence.

Maybe I am not looking in the correct direction.  To the left, I have an alley view.  To the right, it is an obstructed street view.

But it is London.  And that is good enough for me.  After all, last night was simply transitional -- from my visits with English friends to my stay in London with American friends.  

At noon I am catching a taxi to the London hotel where I will be staying with Ken and Patti for the next three nights.  Before we head off to Spain and France.

It has (and will be) a great time.

* -- Even though the room is small and the view is mundane, the internet is the fastest hotel connection I have experienced in my recent travels.  Without an additional charge -- unlike the next hotel.  We count our blessings.


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