Thursday, October 23, 2014

as the fan turns

Tuesday night was the last night I will spend in Casa Nanaimo -- the house that has been my base in Melaque for just under five years.

I doubt I can adequately sum up the experiences of living there.  It was where I transitioned into my new life in Mexico -- in many ways.  From broken ankles while ziplining to building relationships with my neighbors to touring some of Mexico's more exotic offerings.

Of course, moving house does not stop the experiences.  But it will be a bit different being a homeowner.  Simply running off for a month or two or three at the drop of a sombrero will not be possible.  I may actually be forced to deal with that adult obsession -- planning.

The old garden gave me a fitting sendoff.  I have been waiting for over a year for one of the orchids to bloom.  During my farewell walk-through, I noticed that it had put out not just flower spike, but two.  And one had started its bloom cycle.

For send-offs, I can't think of a better one.

But, that is the old world.  I now live in a new one.  A new one where I slept last night.

Or tried to sleep.  I always have trouble sleeping in new places.  At least, for the first three nights.

There was an extenuating circumstance, as well.  I could not find mattress pads in Manzanillo yesterday, so I slept on top of the mattress sans sheets. 

It was almost as good as camping.  If the couch in the living room had been a bit longer, I would have slept there.  There is nothing as comfortable as sleeping on a couch.  (The Man Union may expel me for disclosing that gender secret.)

Today?  A bit more shopping for odds and ends before mi hermano arrives on Saturday afternoon.

At some point, I assume, the new place will simply become home.  But it will take time.

Maybe I need a blooming orchid.

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