Sunday, October 12, 2014

back in the funny papers

After almost two months of wandering, I am back where I began.  In Melaque.

My great-grandfather was quite the traveler.  He actually died on one of his travels at the age of 100 -- or something like that.

His travels came at a cost.  Trains and buses were slow.  But the traveler could adapt to changing environments slowly.

Modern travelers have gained the luxury of speed.  Our cost is being subjected to drastic changes in culture and weather in tight time frames.

Friday night, I was resting in Bend on top of the covers in a cozy 58 degree room.  As I write this, the temperature is 81 with 88% humidity.  Amazingly, I am adjusting quite fine.  With the help of three fans.

My friend Lou picked me up at the Manzanillo airport.  And we (including Wynn) then had dinner on the beach of Barra de Navidad at Marlene's.  I am not certain there are any better hours than sharing dinner with friends on the beach.  Especially, when the food is good.

My return signals some big changes.  The first being the most obvious.  The new house.

On Sunday afternoon, I will walk through the house with Lou and Wynn to determine if it is ready for closing.  If it is, the closing is scheduled for Monday.  I can then tell you when I will be moving in.

I tried to capture a mood photograph for this essay on changing times, but the best I could do was to capture what appears to be a cavalcade of cartoon characters.

That may sum it all up.

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