Monday, October 27, 2014

back in the swim again

Mexpatriate is up and running.

And it feels great.  With the exception of the late publication date.  But we have been a busy family the past two days.

On Sunday, we found an open shop to repair the Escape's flat tire.  That was our first priority. 

Even though my neighbors feel comfortable driving around on a spare, I am not quite that sanguine.  And I have a lot of Mexico to show Darrel and Christy before they head back to the Land of Work and Cold.

Today was a buying trip to Manzanillo.  We came up with a list of things we needed to buy to make their stay a bit easier -- and to make the house a bit homier.  Like new toilet seats.  Two of the six needed immediate attention.

Darrel and I also worked on the internet.  It is up and running. 

Last night, I conjured up a method to restore a few of the files that disappeared with my computer.  With the exception of the photographs I shot in Washington and Oregon before I headed back here earlier in the month, I have managed to resurrect seven years of my work.

That will now free us up to see some of the treasures of the area.  La Manzanilla tomorrow.  I think.  Unless a better alternative presents itself.

As soon as I get settled, I will start sharing shots from my replacement camera.  You can see the first at the top of this piece.

It is fresh out of my camera.  And when I hit the publish button, my body will join the rest of the family in that inviting pool.

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