Saturday, October 11, 2014

bending the light

As you read this, I am most likely somewhere between Bend, Oregon and Manzanillo, Mexico.

It has been an incredibly interesting trip.  I have been away from Mexico for almost two months, and I am ready to be back in my garden in Villa Obregon.  At least, temporarily.

Yesterday was a great day to say farewell (for now) to Bend.  Christy suggested a drive and short hike through the Cascades southwest of town along with Mom and Darrel.

I had not been up that way since my long-lamented ski days on Mt. Bachelor.  Where I would have turned into the lodge's parking lot, we turned right.  (Please excuse the bugs on the windshield.)

In less than a month, that branch of the highway will be closed.  And eventually under about twenty feet of snow.   

Yesterday it was the entry to an endless string of photo opportunities.  I finally had to force myself to put the camera down and just enjoy the lakes and mountains.

When Darrel and Christy can spend more consecutive time in Mexico, I will need to share the mountains and lakes around Pátzcuaro with them.  They may even feel as if they never left Bend.  With the obvious exception of the lack of snow.

But it is time for me to get to bed.  That flight is going to leave whether or not I am on it.


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