Friday, October 31, 2014

day of the dread

A week has passed since Darrel and Christy arrived at the Manzanillo airport -- a bit shocked at how hot and humid late October can be around here.

Darrel, of course, has always been fond of this area.  He was ready to move down here when he stayed with me on the beach for the month of May back in 2009.  His periodic subsequent visits have not cooled his ardor.

And, even though Christy is not quite as enamored with the place, she has become fond of it.  It has "grown on her," as she said the other day.  Her only major complaint has been the amount of plastic that is burnt around here.

Overall, it has been a very successful visit for them.  When I bundle them off to the airport tomorrow, I expect to have the pleasure of their company soon.  There certainly will be a room waiting for them whenever they want.

Both of them have helped me work through a series of house projects.  Replacing broken toilet seats.  Coming up with methods to take the shower over-splash off of tiled bathroom floors. 

Getting my internet up and running.  Raising my patio umbrella to its optimum height. 

Repairing my Escape tire.  Schlepping my rather ratty internet table into my bedroom until a suitably-decorative substitute can be found. 

Installing new high-
security locks on the garage doors.  Restoring as much of my lost computer data as could be expected under the circumstances.  And letting Mexican Immigration know I have a new address.

I may have accomplished all of that on my own -- even though I doubt it.  But it was far more interesting being a problem-solver in conjunction with family members.  It will be good to have them here more often.

Our wrap-up day was a day of eating and relaxing.  Starting with an incredibly creative breakfast.  We drove over to the Grand Bay Hotel to experience what I have been told is one of the best breakfasts in town.

Certainly, the view is as good as it gets.  And that was a bit worrisome.  But my good view-mediocre food rule found an exception.  All of our breakfasts were excellent.

I must admit, though, it paled in comparison with our dinner.  We drove over to La Mazanilla to help Alex and her business partner Leia celebrate with the ongoing opening of their new restaurant -- Magnolia.

It was a perfect night.  The service was efficient and cordial.  Alex and Leia are perfect hosts.  The new courtyard restaurant has a perfect balance of intimacy and casual elegance.

And the food?  It could not have been better.  The description (dinner salad, pork chops, meatloaf) do not do justice to what the kitchen can do (and does) with food that is simple and good, and, thus, simply good.

I believe the two of them have a hit on their hands.  Or, more appropriately, a home run.

When Darrel and Christy return, I know where one of our first stops will be.

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