Friday, October 10, 2014

wiring the future

I am awarding myself the George Aiken Award.

You remember him.  The Vermont senator who suggested that America should declare victory in Vietnam -- and then withdraw.

Well, I am declaring victory.  And withdrawing to Mexico.

You already know the parade of financial frustrations I have run into with the unfounded belief that I should have been able to transfer my money from my various accounts to an account in New York to buy a house in Barra de Navidad. 

The most frustrating part, though, was waiting for the state retirement system to transfer my money to my bank account.  That is the reason I stayed in Oregon an extra week.

The people I dealt with on the telephone and in the PERS office were exceedingly helpful.  The problem was the 30-90 day waiting period to get what I foolishly thought was my money.

Last night I bet my brother that the money would not be in my bank account by Friday.  I was wrong.  It had been transferred on Thursday and was pending final approval.

When Darrel and I went to the bank this morning, the full amount was ready to be wired.  With one swipe of my bank card, it was on its way.

And that is what I will be at 3 AM tomorrow morning.  On my way.  In my case, though, I will be off to the Redmond airport for a flight to Manzanillo.  By tomorrow afternoon, I will be swinging by the new house, inspecting it on Sunday, and closing the sale on Monday.

Other than the transfer of funds, the process has been rather painless.

But, like George Aiken, I may well be declaring victory too early.  There are plenty of opportunities for Mexico to slip in a few surprises before I declare the house mine.

Undoubtedly, there will be more to come.

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