Saturday, October 25, 2014

knocking out the stuffing

Some of you think I went to finishing school on a pirate ship.

But you would be wrong.  My finishing school was the United States Air Force.

I learned a lot of useful skills.  Comradeship.  Loyalty.  Orderliness.  Sewing.  The same skill set other young men learn in prison.

The sewing skill could have come in handy the other night.  Last week, I bought two large pillows at Sam's Club for my new bed.  When I woke up after my first night in the new place earlier this week, I was startled to find the bed was strewn with stuffing.

Not the type that comes out of a turkey at Thanksgiving and gives each member of the family an equal opportunity of losing the food poisoning lottery.

This was some sort of pillow stuffing.  Cleverly called "down artificial fill."  My brand new pillow had made an offer I could not refuse.  But it was better than waking up with a severed horse head in my bed.

Today I needed to drive to Manzanillo to complete a couple of tasks before Darrel arrives.  I have had several "returned merchandise" events in Mexico -- with mixed results.

So, I gathered up my unstuffed pillow and my all-important receipt, and rolled on down the road to Sam's Club.

With all of that build-up, you might think the clerk suggested I could simply sew up the seam that came undone.  If I had had no other reason to go to Manzanillo, I probably would have pulled out my sewing kit to do just that. repaired pillow.

But the young lady I talked with immediately saw the problem, took my receipt and club card, and asked me to retrieve a new packet of pillows.  Just like Salem.  But, in Spanish.  Even though I am not even certain there is a Sam's Club in Salem.

My shopping is going far better than my internet access.  After working for a couple of days, the connection has decided it has no interest in carrying my words to you.  So, I will let it be churlish until the arrival of my sainted brother -- who can fix anything.

Maybe, tomorrow.

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