Friday, October 17, 2014

late night meals

"Most friends fade
Or they don't make the grade
New ones are quickly made.
Some of them worth something, too.
But us, old friends?
What's to discuss, old friends?"

So, who says Sondheim can't be sentimental?  Or, that I can't, for that matter?

I stopped by to see my friends Lou and Wynn yesterday afternoon to catch them up on my house closing.  They were good enough to accompany me last Sunday for the pre-closing inspection of my new house.  Both of them had some very helpful ideas.

They were even more helpful yesterday.  They had read about my wandering electronic backup.  I had stopped by their house to use their computer to call my brother to arrange for an emergency muling.  As soon as he makes some arrangements, he will be down to get me back on the electronic highway.

Wynn and Lou did him one better.  Until Darrel gets my new computer to me, Wynn and Lou have graciously lent me a tablet -- and that will allow all of us to answer the question: "What's to discuss, old friends?"

Several months ago Jennifer Rose asked her readers what they eat when they return home, following a trip.  And local eateries are closed.

I am not certain I participated in the discussion.  If I remember correctly, I simply did not have an answer.  But I do now.

Because I knew when I returned on Saturday that I would be moving very soon, I did not bother to unpack my suitcases.  (That is one reason all of my goods were still in my backpack.)  And I have not bought any fresh groceries.

This last trip took me out of Mexico for almost two months.  When I left, I cleared the refrigerator.  My first meal here was at a restaurant on Saturday.  For Sunday dinner, I rummaged through my shelves and found nothing.  But, tucked in the back of the freezer, were two bags of my famous bean soup.

So, that is my answer.  I try to leave one of my specialties in the freezer compartment for these "return home late" moments.

And, just as Jennifer did, I will put the question to you.  What do you eat when you arrive home and have no option but what is on offer in your larder?

And don't just talk amongst yourselves.  Pull us all into your conversation.

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