Monday, October 13, 2014

the pace slackens

My little house-buying adventure was speeding right along.

With the exception of trying to figure out how to move money from my checking account to the "escrow" bank in New York was the only tope on my road to being a manorial baron.  The offer and acceptance took less than 2 days.  The nortario had the closing and bank trust documents ready a week ago.

When I wired the money on Friday morning, I thought it would show up in the New York bank that afternoon.  It didn't.  Even though the last wire took only a day, I seem to recall that a bank personality once told me a wire can take up to three days to transfer funds.  That is what happened with my car purchase just over a year ago.

The money needs to be in that account before we can schedule the closing.  So, Monday does not look like it will be the day.

That did not keep me from walking through the house yesterday -- along with Lou and Wynn.  The place look a bit bare stripped of its accessories.  But it is still as attractive to me as it was on my first visit.

Lou and I tested out the electrical outlets.  Kim will be happy to know that everything appears to be properly grounded.  My laptop will no longer be an instrument of assisted suicide.  Unless I drop it into the pool.

My first project will be to install a propane tank.  The house is currently set up to accept propane cylinders.  I would prefer a tank.  The first house I rented had cylinders, and I hated wrestling with them. 

My current landlady and I discussed the steps for installing one, and I am convinced that I would prefer the convenience of the tank over the periodic shift of cylinders.

When I finally sign the closing papers in Manzanillo, I will need to stop by the Telmex office there to have the telephone and internet shifted over to my name (and to do something similar for my rental telephone line).  On the way home, I will stop in
Cihuatlán to set up an electricity account.  Then it will be on to Melaque to the Immigration office to report my change of address.

The longer term project is to re-decorate the place.  While I am in Manzanillo, I will buy a set of sheets and some towels to tide me over until I can develop an overall plan.  I suspect that may take a year or two.

But none of that can happen until the closing takes place.  And that should be some time this week.

You will be the first to know when it happens.


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