Tuesday, November 18, 2014

back to the showers

That feeling of déjà vu?  It's real.  You really have read a similar essay by me. 

Almost a year ago.  In come take a shower with me.

Even the time span is not coincidental.  Because it is meteor shower time.  And their appearance is as predictable as a presidential speech.

Each year about this time, the earth's orbit takes it through the dense stream of debris left behind by the orbit of a comet named Tempel-Tuttle -- a name that sounds far more appropriate for a British earl.  Probably the guy who invented Marmite.

The result is at least two nights of astronomical fireworks.  A case where littering does serve some social good.  If only to serve the ethereal ways of entertainment.

My roof terrace proved to be an excellent viewing platform.  I could easily see the eastern horizon -- the direction you should be looking if you are curious enough.  Better yet, there was only the faintest moon to dim the show.

The downside is last night's performance was rather mediocre.  As far as Leonid meteor showers go.  In some years, there are thousands of meteors per hour.

Not last night.  There were a few just before dawn.  Certainly far more than on a regular clear night here in Mexico.  But hardly overwhelming.

Tonight will be the high point.  But, don't get over-inflate your hopes.  There will simply be more than last night.  Mainly around dawn.  The comet debris trail we entered this year is rather sparse.  All of the Big Mac wrappers are congregated elsewhere.

My eight-grade teacher repeatedly complained I was a day-dreamer in her class.  Well, there is no Mrs. Meyers to keep you from staring off into space to witness the great creation that surrounds us.

Do it alone.  Or take along a loved one.  There is no such thing as a bad shower.

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